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About Us

At Takedown, we're dedicated to helping you take down your goals.

Founded in 2014, Takedown is a locally-owned (we're NOT a franchise!), state-of-the-art gym and wrestling training facility located in Brainerd, Minnesota. At Takedown, we cater to wrestlers, aspiring athletes, and anyone who wants to do fitness differently.

What sets us apart? We have the knowledge, expertise, experience, passion, and willingness to help others achieve their goals. We're one of a kind, and that's exactly how we treat our clients. Whether you're looking to take down your opponent, take down your weight, or take down your own limitations, we'll be there with you every step of the way—the Takedown Way.

The Takedown Way

You know you're training the Takedown Way when you set a goal, get after it, and ultimately take it down.


The Takedown Gym philosophy encompasses drive, intensity, personal goals, and fitness strength. Where determination and commitment meet attitude and motivation to exceed your expectations. We believe in providing the highest quality of wrestling training and a clean, industry leading facility designed to develop and build your individual fitness level and athletic goals.