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Training Schedule

Takedown Gym is open:
Mon-Thu 5a-9p
Fri 5a-6p
Sat 7a-3p
Sun 8a-5p

Medicine Ball Training

This class is a unique class that will be a total body workout with a focus on developing strength and power. During this class each member will have their own medicine ball throughout the duration of the workout.

Weight Plate Training

This class is a fun class that incorporates a total body workout with a focus on developing strength while training your cardiovascular system.

Heavy Rope Training

This class is a very intense class that incorporates heavy ropes. The focus of this class will be primarily upper body, with some lower body incorporated. It will help to improve your strength, and your cardiovascular health.

30 Second Circuit Training

This class is a fast paced total body workout that will focus on developing strength and power, while incorporating cardiovascular health.

60 Second Circuit Training

This class will have focus on strength and cardiovascular health, and you will be changing workout activities every 60 seconds.


This class will be an intense workout that will focus on improving cardiovascular health. The environment is very fun as we ride to the beat of music.

Total Body Resistance Training

This class is a low impact class that will use TRX bands to create a full body workout that builds strength while training the cardiovascular system.

Building Champions

This program will focus on developing the foundational needs of all athletes. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete, this class is for you.

Future Champions

This is a fun program designed to help young athletes (from ages 3-6) build a solid foundation of athletic abilities for the years ahead, while incorporating an introduction to wrestling. This class is great for any little athlete.

If you are unable to attend a session, you must cancel the session at least 12 hours prior to the beginning of the session or your session will be removed from your account.


The Takedown Gym philosophy encompasses drive, intensity, personal goals, and fitness strength. Where determination and commitment meet attitude and motivation to exceed your expectations. We believe in providing the highest quality of wrestling training and a clean, industry leading facility designed to develop and build your individual fitness level and athletic goals.