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The championship is yours for the taking

Novice and elite wrestlers will feel at home at Takedown's state-of-the-art wrestling facility. Our mission is to effectively train and develop athletes to become world-class competitors. Our Director of Wrestling and Martial Arts, customizes workout and training regimes designed to build a passion for wrestling and get you in the best fighting shape of your life. At Takedown, we bring together athletes, coaches, and parents in our mission to build world-class wrestlers.


Every Sunday 1:45-3:00p Beginner Wrestling (K-4th)

Every Sunday 3:15-4:45p Advanced Wrestling (5th-12th)

Every Monday Monday 7:15-8:45p Advanced Wrestling (5th-12th)

Every Wednesday 5:00-6:15p Beginner Wrestling (K-4th)

Every Thursday 6:30p-8:00p Advanced Wrestling (5th-12th)

2019 Takedown Gym Wrestling Camps information coming soon!

Takedown Gym's 28,000 sq. ft. expansion is underway, and we are trying to lock in the completion date before launching our camp schedule. Thanks for your patience, and we apologize for the delay!

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