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Session Schedule

Group Fitness Classes


This class is a unique class that will be a total body workout with a focus on developing strength and power. During this class each member will have their own medicine ball throughout the duration of the workout.



This class is a very intense class that incorporates heavy ropes. The focus of this class will be primarily upper body, with some lower body incorporated. It will help to improve your strength, and your cardiovascular health.



This class will have focus on strength and cardiovascular health, and you will be changing workout activities every 60 seconds.



This class is a low impact class that will use TRX straps to create a full body workout that builds strength while training the cardiovascular system. Your own body acts as the resistance while on or in our TRX straps. We mix it up at times either staying in the bands, other times we have a TRX circuit. Come join the TRX craze today!



This is a fun program designed to help young athletes (from ages 3-6) build a solid foundation of athletic abilities for the years ahead, while incorporating an introduction to wrestling. This class is great for any little athlete.


spin and strength

This class combines cycling with strength exercise intervals using dumbbells, bands, medicine balls and your own body weight. This class can be as intense as you want it to be by adjusting your own resistance on the bike. All fitness levels welcome!


Rock Steady

Rock steady boxing (RSB) uses a non-contact boxing regimen to help people with Parkinson’s improve their quality of life. Studies suggest that intense exercise programs may be neuro-protective. Boxing is especially beneficial because it requires movement in all planes of direction and constant adjustment to a changing workout. RSB classes have shown that people at any level of Parkinson’s may actually lessen or delay symptoms and lead healthier, happier lives! No boxing experience necessary. Male and female boxers of all ages are invited to participate. All of our instructors are certified.



Are you short on time but want to improve your endurance and heart health? Did you know that jumping rope for 30 minutes is equivalent to running for an hour? Specifically formatted high energy music and jump rope exercises with build in active recoveries will have you working up a sweat in no time. Come ready to have fun, jump around and release your inner athlete!


Cardio blast

Cardio blast is definitely a blast! Yes this is cardio, but every session offers a different variation to keep you on your toes. This is a tabata style workout that will have you leaving class dripping sweat!



Light your fire and fuel the desire for your personal best in fitness. This intense cardio based workout includes athletic aerobic conditioning, plyometric and calisthenics to get your body smokin’ hot!


Jacked Up

Are you psyched and ready to get jacked? This ladder based format builds on repetition to burn calories and increase muscle mass. There is no where to go but UP!


Inferno strong

Raising your body temperature to new levels of heat! Combining the components of calisthenics and plyometrics of inferno with multi-joint muscle building strength for a total body workout.




This class is a fun class that incorporates a total body workout with a focus on developing strength while training your cardiovascular system.



This class is a fast paced total body workout that will focus on developing strength and power, while incorporating cardiovascular health.



These classes will be an intense workout that will focus on improving cardiovascular health. The environment is very fun as we ride to the beat of music.



This program will focus on developing the foundational needs of all athletes. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete, this class is for you.


This total body, high-intensity class promises to take you to a new level of fitness and challenge your body and mind. Boot camp is a combination of strength, cardio, muscle endurance, flexibility, core, and functional movement patterns. One class and you get it all!


Intense. Vigorous. Powerful. Precise techniques with athletic training for a chiselled physique in 30 flat!


Vinyasa Flow

Incorporating breath to movement. This yoga class will increase strength, flexibility, balance and inner peace to your fitness regime with lasting results.


Body blast

An easy to follow class that is a whole body challenge. Cardio and full body strength so you get your fitness fix in one session. All levels welcome!


Gentle Yoga

This restorative and stretching yoga class is targeted for post exercise athletes or if you need to bring a little extra relaxation and tranquility into your daily life. That’s everyone, right? All fitness levels welcome!


Friday Funday

A fun workout experience that changes weekly! Let Michelle lead you through a high tempo and fun environment! Fridays will never be the same!


Cardio Combat

This class incorporates cardio fitness with boxing!


Fitness Yoga

This isn’t just yoga…it’s fitness yoga! Sure to give you the perfect combination of strength, conditioning and stretching.



Barre incorporates elements of ballet, pilates and yoga with an upbeat music to lengthen and strengthen muscles in target specific areas including hips, glutes, abs and arms for a complete workout from head to pointed toe! Meet you at the Barre!



Participants will leave feeling lengthened, strengthened, and challenged. Set up, transitions and modifications will be taught for each exercise to achieve a flow for a smooth workout.


If you are unable to attend a session, you must cancel the session at least 12 hours prior to the beginning of the session or your session will be removed from your account.

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