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When you train at Takedown, you are committing yourself to becoming the best. Our certified trainers have built a unique group fitness model based on years of education and experience. Our sessions are short and sweet (typically 30 minutes). This means you can get in the gym, get after it, and get out.

Make no mistake; we will put you through the paces in our cutting-edge gym facility. But, at Takedown, we’re all about building a lifelong love of athleticism and helping all clients—from newbie’s to top athletes—take down their goals. Stop by and check us out. You’ll find trainers who care and a workout like nothing you’ve experienced.


Simply find a session you’re interested in on the calendar below and show up at the gym, it’s that easy. No obligation. No commitment. No contracts. No cost.
If you enjoy the workout – and we believe you will, consider becoming a member. *Not valid if you are already a member of Takedown.

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