PILATES @ Takedown

At Takedown, we are dedicated to our clients individual needs. We have created a dedicated space for our Pilates members, which houses 5 Reformers and a Cadillac.

Are YOU read for change?

Change happens through movement and movement heals  ~Joseph Pilates

PILATES offer endless opportunity to put YOUR body in its optimum…

-Builds Deep Core Strength and Stability
-Increases Flexibility and Range of Motion
-Reinforces Good Posture
-May Alleviate Back Pain
-Strengthens the Pelvic Floor
-Relieves Stress and Anxiety
-It’s Excellent Cross-Training
-Bolsters Bone Density
-It’s Low-Impact (But Still Challenging)
-Makes Aging Enjoyable!

…come and make the CHANGE!

Open for ALL!  There is a class to meet your needs:

Reformer Fundamentals Class: an introduction to Pilates and the Reformer apparatus

Reformer Flow Class: you have some Pilates experience and are ready to move!

Reformer Therapy Class: learn how to move safely and pain free for your therapeutic needs

Discover the transformative power of Reformer Pilates with our skilled and certified team. Whether you’re a seasoned mover or a newcomer, our instructors at Takedown Gym are here to guide, challenge, and elevate your fitness journey. Join us and experience the fusion of innovation and expertise as our certified Reformer Pilates instructors help you achieve your fitness goals. Your transformation begins here.


Meet our Pilates Staff

Alison Broadley

Ellen Fussy

Michelle Toft


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