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Blog 3: Personal Training

Personal training is only for high performance athletes, right? Wrong! Takedown’s three personal trainers on staff include Bronson Shepherd, Jessica Longhurst and Jordan Maucieri. They are available to lead clients through personalized programs to help anyone interested in reaching higher fitness goals.

Bronson is the Director of Personal Training at Takedown Gym and explains his methodology as simple as this: safely taking muscles to the point of complete exhaustion. “I think everyone needs a personal trainer because you can go work out at the gym, but you won’t push yourself as hard as if someone is challenging you, ” Bronson said. All of the personal trainers at Takedown are motivated to help you reach your goals, but their number one priority is safety; to challenge the body and mind safely.

Most clients begin their personal training journey with a body composition test using a Tanita scale. This can be a little intimidating, so think of it less as a judgment tool and more of exactly what it is-a measurement tool for you to watch your own progress.

After working with hundreds of people of different ages and body types, Bronson says there are a few things that are helpful for everyone stepping foot into a gym to understand.

  1. Cardio isn’t the best way to lose weight. Many people come to Takedown and go right to the treadmill or stair stepper, and while cardio is great for your heart and increasing your C02 max-you actually stop burning calories. When you work your muscles, you keep burning calories long after you leave the gym.
  2. You don’t need to be in the gym for hours. Instead of carving out two hours in your day to work out, you can train the muscles twice as hard in half the amount of time if you do more faster routines by pushing muscles really hard in one set vs four or five sets.
  3. Personal training is for every body (type). Every single body type and individual that comes to the gym, no matter where you’re starting from, is a great candidate for personal training.
  4. Don’t compare yourself to others. This seems obvious, but it deserves an extra mention. It can be tempting to look around at others in the gym and decide that you aren’t good enough or worthy of having a personal trainer. This is false and will always be false! Don’t compare yourself to others and YOU ARE WORTH IT!
  5. It shouldn’t be easy. In order to change the body, you need to challenge the body. This ain’t no daisy walk in the park. Our personal trainers know exactly how to max out your muscle groups to break down muscle fibers so you can come back stronger.

One of Bronson’s favorite clients is a 77-year old man who came to him with back pain in August of 2019. They are still working together today, and his back pain has disappeared; he continues to work on new fitness goals. If you’re interested in learning more about personal training at Takedown, call us at 218-454-1770 and ask for Bronson, Jess or Jordan at the gym. Your first consultation and personal training workout is always FREE!

Blog 2: Let’s talk Himalayan Salt Rooms

If you thought the pinkish tone of the wall in the sauna was simply one of the owner’s favorite color choices, think again! Takedown’s new saunas (just opened in February 2021) are Pink Himalayan salt saunas. Wondering the health benefits of adding Pink Himalayan salt are? It’s called “Halotherapy” and there are just a few.

Pink Himalayan Salt is known for being the purest salt on earth and extremely rich in minerals. It’s a natural detoxifier of the body and the surrounding air. It creates a warm, inviting glow that aids in relaxation. Saunas originated in Finland are are used all over the world as a therapeutic process to relieve stress and tension. Our sand-timers max out at fifteen minutes, but you might find it hard to remain in the sauna past five minutes. So, what are the actual benefits of regularly visiting the salt rooms?

  1. Releases Toxins Using a sauna specifically with Pink Himalayan salt releases toxins in the body stored in fat tissues and can prevent weight loss. These toxins include heavy metals and  fat soluble chemicals like PCBs, PBBs and HCBs.
  2. Increases Circulation Heat causes your blood vessels to dilate, which increases blood flow and improves elasticity. The added heat also makes your heart work harder, which pulsates more blood throughout your body. The long-term benefits of this include improved heart rate variability and a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.
  3. Boosts Mood The main reason you feel good after sweating is that it releases endorphins. Endorphins are “feel good” chemicals in the brain, which help your body relax and release tension.
  4. Go For The Glow Regular visits to the sauna can improve skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne. It stimulates blood circulation in your skin, which may help boost your skin’s ability to produce collagen and sweats out toxins from makeup, pollutants, heavy metals and alcohol.
  5. Assists in weight Loss Yes, just sitting there will actually help you lose weight. Saunas are proven to increase your metabolism. Spending 15 minutes in the sauna will allow you to burn 1.5 times the calories you would sitting anywhere else, which can be up to 500 calories in one session.

While there are many benefits to halotherapy and enjoying time in the sauna, there are some health risks. It’s ill advised that you spend more than twenty minutes in the sauna at one time. Make sure to drink plenty of water and give your body proper resting time after using the sauna.

The most important thing is to listen to your body. If you’re feeling overheated at ten minutes, honor how you are feeling and come back to enjoy the sauna another day. All of our efforts at Takedown Gym are to improve your well-being, and halotherapy is one more thing we can offer to help you reach your wellness goals.


Blog 1: Let’s talk BeatBossTM

Takedown is getting all new Keiser bikes in our state-of-the-art studio, where we have seven certified BeatBoss TM instructors trained in a science-based “ride to the rhythm” indoor cycling certification.

Have you attended one of our BeatBoss TM indoor cycling classes? Approved through ACE, AFAA, and NASM, BeatBoss TM  bridges the gap between “road style” and “party on the bike” styles of indoor cycling classes. All of our cycling trainers are certified in BeatBoss TM methodology that uses music as the foundation of the class.

Co-owner Kelly Kramer was the first BeatBoss TM cycle instructor at Takedown. She was nervous to start teaching at first, but once she got her BeatBoss TM certification, it gave her a foundation to build her classes around. There are now seven certified BeatBoss TM trainers at Takedown: Kelly Kramer, Laureen Boran, Cassandra Brodin, Danielle Shaw, Kelsi MacLaughlin, Molly Kurtzman, and Michelle Rodahl. Each instructor has their own style-so we recommend trying a few different classes to see which one fits you best. Learn more about our trainers on our staff page!

At Takedown Gym, we believe in providing the highest quality facility, training, and service to our members. Before Takedown had a cycle studio, the owners traveled to other studios across the United States to study what works best. They took the parts that worked and left behind the parts that weren’t working. Our cycle studio room is one of the first rooms you see upon walking into Takedown. The four-tier design makes viewing the instructor easy for all riders. It is equipped with an Airus Air & Surface Purification system that kills over 90% of airborne bacteria and viruses, along with reducing odor by 90%, and is continually providing fresh air to our riders. We have a Protexus sprayer system that reaches up to 3X more surfaces in the same amount of time it would take with buckets, rags and wipes.

When you walk into the cycle studio, you’ll notice some foam blocks on the walls. Those are for absorbing sound, so there is no echo. From our top-of-the-line sound system to the brand of bikes we choose, it’s our job to provide the highest quality of experience for you. In the upcoming weeks, we will have an entirely new set of Keiser indoor cycling bikes.

Our story began with a narrow vision and has grown to include many other fitness styles. We have come along way starting with just wrestling, which we still have an amazing program! More on that later! Did you know your first class is on us? Try it out and see what you think! Schedule a class on our app or give us call!

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